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Fog generating machines
for testing, training and special effects

We distribute high quality, non-toxic fog generating equipment for use in industrial, fire training and entertainment applications. Our fog machines assist in visualising the air flow in buildings; visualising leaks in pipes, ventilation systems, tanks, or buildings; fire training and special effects - for virtually all applications, Pea Soup can help. We also provide fog machines for special effects in theatres, television and film studios.

Whether sale or hire, our water and oil based non-toxic fog machines are considered class leaders in the fields of fog particle size, fluid consumption and reliability.

All our machines are made in England to a high level of quality assurance. The smoke produced is the finest that can be produced, meaning no residue is left. The particle size of the produced fog is 0.2 - 0.3 microns in diameter. Compare this with the cheaper mass produced fog machines from the far east whose particle size can be anything up to 60 microns in diameter, and you'll appreciate that our fog machines are some of the highest quality you can buy today.

  • air flow visualisation
  • leak testing
  • fire training
  • special effects
  • HVAC tests
  • theme parks
  • theatres
  • TV/film studios
  • vehicle security

Micro Rocket 12v Battery Powered Fog Machine
• Fog Output: 100 cubic feet per minute
• Power Consumption: 75 W
• Tank Capacity: 110 cc
• Battery (supplied): 12V DC/2.3Ah
• Consumption: 2 cc/min
• Weight: 2.7 kg
• Dimensions: L 227mm x W 66mm x H 81mm

Battery and charger both supplied in kit.
Battery will last for approx. 10 - 12 minutes of continuous use. Unlimited use is possible when connected to the optional mains adaptor dummy battery (full reservoir of fluid will last approx. 50 minutes). Unit has switch for momentary fog production, or latching (continuous) output until button pressed again.

The Micro Rocket Battery Powered Fog Machine is useful for tracing air flow, and also for photographers and film makers to use on location as well as theatrical and cinematic applications.

The Micro Rocket fog machine is perfect for situations where a touch of fog is required in remote or unusual places. It is equally capable when a steady stream of fog is needed (the unit can produce fog continuously for approx. 50 minutes with the optional dummy battery). The unit is the size of a small water bottle and can be discreetly placed on props, inside sets or held in the hand.

The Micro Rocket operates on a 12V DC battery (supplied) and is a very easy to carry and operate. The fluid tank on the unit is leak proof so the unit can be operated at any angle without fluid spills.

Kit comprises:
1 x Micro Rocket fog machine
1 x spout extension
1 x battery
1 x recharger and lead
1 x 500ml bottle of fog fluid
1 x flightcase


Fog Machines - Professional Range

Rocket - Hand Portable Fog Machine
Portable Smoke Generator

Robust, portable fog machines that pack a huge punch!

Specifically designed for:

* air flow visualisation
* leak testing
* spray booth clearance tests
* special effects
* fire training

Ships worldwide
Made entirely in England under ISO:9001

* 5 year parts warranty
* Lifetime guarantee on heater block

* Compact size, robust construction
* Hand portable
* Off-power capable
* Continuous full output (on mains power)
* Variable output (0 -> maximum)
* Non-toxic, thick, dry, white fog - leaves no residue
* Persistent smoke
* NATO codified version available

Dragon - High Output Fog Machine

The DRAGON is our highest quality fog generator is well suited to applications where continuous, high fog output is required with low fluid consumption. There is no compromise in the quality of components in this unit.

Ideal for:

* air flow visualisation
* leak testing
* spray booth clearance testing
* fire training
* special effects
* installations

Ships worldwide
Made entirely in England under ISO:9001

* 5 year parts warranty
* Lifetime guarantee on heater block

Phantom Hazer System

The most versatile haze system available.

  • Extremely persistent haze (3 - 4 hour hang time)
  • Exceptional fluid efficiency
  • Automatic self-clean, maintenance free
  • Precision heat exchanger, lifetime guarantee!
  • Digital temperature control & solid state switching
  • 10 year parts warranty
  • Made in England

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